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Help! I feel stuck in an emotional struggle with money

I’ll help you understand the root causes of your issues with money so you can stop the negative patterns forever.

Let’s start with healing.

I feel like I know absolutely nothing about financial anything!

In a matter of hours, I’ll teach you how money works so you can confidently manage it yourself – saving, spending,  debt, and investing.

Who says learning can’t be fun?

I'm ready for my money to work hard for me

I’ll show you how to set up an automated system to organize your finances, save, kill debt and build wealth by investing on auto-pilot.

It’s time to take action!


HEAL – Money Mindset Reboot

What if you could naturally feel abundant, and easily attract money?

It’s time to erase those limiting beliefs and emotions for once and all. Your patterns may not be about what you think they are. You and I will go powerfully deep into your subconscious to eliminate the ROOT causes of your struggle with money; repressed trauma.

I’ll show you the hidden patterns that have been driving your relationship with money until now – and help you let go so you can permanently embrace your power to create wealth.

LEARN and ACT – The Happy Wallet

The perfect money skills 101 program for newbies and numbers fans alike.

We focus on the basics – credit/debt, savings, and spending.

You’ll get the financial education you never received in school PLUS you and I will actually set up your personalized savings plan, budget, and debt elimination strategy. Hello financial freedom!

And it comes with a money-back guarantee!


LEARN and ACT – The Pre-Financial Plan

For a more comprehensive program, check out the Pre-Financial Plan. It includes everything in the Happy Wallet plus:

-Investing and retirement planning education; 

-I’ll help you create your new passive index investment portfolio that you control with ease while greatly minimizing costs;

-I‘ll review and analyze your company benefits & investments to provide recommendations that optimize matches, contributions, and plans.

You’ll receive reports with easy instructions to save up to 6 figures.

Plus it comes with a money-back guarantee.


See how I saved a client $392,468

Individual Coaching Sessions 


While programs group common needs together, I also offer individual sessions tailored to support your unique needs. Book your free consultation below and I’ll work with you to create a customized itinerary that meets your exact needs (even if you aren’t sure what they are yet).

Individual 1 hour sessions are $165.

Save $60 when you buy a package of 6 sessions for $930 (value $990)

Get 1 session FREE when you buy a package of 10 sessions for $1485 (value $1650)

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