Your brain on money: Money Mindset Reboot

What if you could naturally feel abundant, and easily attract money?

It’s time to erase those limiting beliefs and emotions for once and all. Your patterns may not be about what you think they are. You and I will go powerfully deep into your subconscious to eliminate the ROOT causes of your struggle with money; repressed trauma.

I’ll show you the hidden patterns that have been driving your relationship with money until now – and help you let go gently and safely so you can permanently embrace your power to create wealth.

The Happy Wallet

The perfect money skills 101 program for newbies and numbers fans alike.

It gives you the financial education you never received in school PLUS you and I will actually set up your personalized savings plan, budget, and debt elimination strategy. Hello financial freedom!

And it comes with a money-back guarantee!

It’s chock full of goodies and amazing value.


The Pre-Financial Plan

Want to take ownership of your finances, but aren’t ready for a financial planner just yet?  The Pre-Financial Plan is the bridge that will take you there. Get everything in the Happy Wallet PLUS:

-Impartial financial education for investing and retirement planning; 

-I’ll create your new DIY or robo-advisor passive index portfolio that reduces risk while greatly minimizing costs;

Finally, I‘ll review and analyze your company benefits and investments and provide specific recommendations to optimize matches, contributions, and plans.

You’ll receive reports with easy instructions to save up to 6 figures!

Plus it comes with a money-back guarantee!

Whether you’re a finance newbie, or an active investor seeking better returns, you’ll be set up to reach financial independence.


See how I saved a client $392,468

Workshops and events

Get the live experience!

Live and online workshop topics range from financial education essentials to emotional healing to the spiritual energy of money.

Yes, I also do public speaking. Get in touch and let’s create an amazing customized presentation that wows your group!


Individual Coaching Sessions 

A great return on investment

My programs group several topics together in one convenient package. However, if you’re just looking for support on a topic or two, individual sessions are for you! If you’re not sure what you need, answer the “which are you” question to see a menu of possible items that may be most beneficial for you. Please note these are just suggestions. Book your free consultation below and I’ll work with you to create a customized itinerary that meets your exact needs. Typically we can cover 1-2 topics per 60 minute online session. Cost: $200 CAD per session.

Which are you?

Feel like you know absolutely nothing about financial anything?!

Let’s start with the basics. I’ll take the fear out of the steps you’ve previously been too nervous to make.

Let’s Build together.

Become your own financial advisor.

You’re earning solid income, you invest, you own assets (and perhaps debt), and feel you could be doing better. You can.

Optimize is right for you.

Stop working for money and instead have money work for you.

Advanced strategies to set you up for your wildest dreams – travel, creating art, helping others, effortless cash flow.

Let’s Strategize.

Ready to talk?

Let’s create the right plan and get your money working for you today!  Not sure where to start?  Schedule a free consultation.


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