“When I met Danielle my relationship with money was already good – my financial situation was stable and comfortable. My request was to find ways to make it better. She became the cruise director on a call to action to take charge of everything.

Danielle helped me put my income, expenses, spending, and investing under a microscope to find places where I was losing, wasting, or spending money unwisely. After some fine-tuning I was able to save a good chunk of money every month (4 figures) that was on a cycle of repetitive payment without end. We made changes to my investments, getting rid of risky, pricey mutual funds in place of low cost exchange traded funds. I’m on track to save a healthy 6 figures from fees alone by the time I retire.

Danielle’s strength is her ability to take in the big picture and break down the how step by step, so you keep more of your money and use it wisely. She also understands that for some people this is a taboo subject covered in shame and ego. She won’t ever make you feel foolish for the situation you may have found yourself in. She will empower you with insight, knowledge, and confidence if you let her in and allow her to look under the hood.

The cost of Danielle’s sessions has already paid for itself over and over again from money saved and money earned. Don’t think of it as an expense, but an investment.”

Ian Busher

Real Estate Salesperson, Canada

“Within 2 months, I had 2 new sources of income, and I’m now saving over $1000 a month, which I’ve never done in my life! Danielle’s sessions are seriously worth their weight in gold. She has helped clear my negative beliefs about money. Danielle is not only one of the brightest shining lights out there, she is extremely professional, diligent, and supportive. I love this lady and could not recommend her more highly.”

Andrea Ross

Founder of Pure Alleviation, Actress and Singer, Australia

“If you are ready to go deep, you are in for an extraordinary and unforgettable journey with someone who has a real talent, heart-led passion, and deep intuition for addressing and resolving blocks to wealth.

Before I started working with Danielle, I had no real control over my money. Sometimes I had and made loads of money; sometimes I had none. I’ve trained primary teachers in rural Rwanda and nannied oligarch’s children, so I’ve had first-hand experience of extreme poverty and unrestrained opulence.

Danielle coached me during my transition from working for someone else to working for myself. For anyone who has done this, it can bring up all kinds of hairy scary demons and money monsters. While I can’t pretend that all my fears magically vanished, with Danielle’s help I’m far better equipped to deal with them when they arise. I have the tools and self-talk to change my thinking and approach any money concerns in very different ways now. I’m a lot less fearful about money and I feel I have more control of how it comes into my life.

I remember the day after our first session eagerly emailing Danielle to let her know that the company I worked for had paid me my 8 days leave, so I had immediately manifested £1500! But just in case you think it might have been a fluke, other sums kept trickling in over the following weeks. My bank corrected an error before I noticed and gave me £30, my mobile phone provider took my payment twice and to apologise gave me £50, and a credit card I closed 3 years ago sent me £300 in unclaimed credit.

While each session was unique, I learned that I, as an adult, was finally capable of addressing the wounds and trauma that my infant self was so overwhelmed by. I am now safe and able to take care of myself. The irony of this statement is that to anyone who knows me I’ve always been highly independent, but internally, this has always been overcompensating for my sense of insecurity. The other powerful internal shift was around recognising and voicing my needs when they’re not being met. Years of cultivating emotional harmony had deadened my capacity to feel what I needed.

I know it’s a cliché, but I really can’t recommend Danielle highly enough. My only caveat is that you need to be willing to go deep as her methods and techniques are profound and life lifechanging. Danielle is sensitive, highly perceptive, and an incredibly competent catalyst for change. You know you are in safe hands to explore tender and emotional issues.

No matter how much money you do or don’t have, I can guarantee that Danielle can help you improve your financial situation. I wish I had big enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude for the incredible work we did together!”

Tiga-Rose Nercessian

Intimacy Coach, France

“You were made to enlighten people about money and wealth!”

John W

Entrepreneur, Artist and Author, USA

“I came across Danielle’s Money Mindset Reboot program when I was looking for a coach with practical financial management skills as well as an understanding of the psychology of money.

I already had a structured system for spending and investing money, but I still worried about it every day and had no vision beyond my current earning potential. The control required to keep it in place was draining. I recognized that emotional issues were at the root of this continual striving without meaningful results. I decided to commit to paying someone to help me work through traumatic experiences that were limiting my beliefs about money.

As it turns out there is no substitute for collaborating with a coach with the skills and gifts that Danielle possesses to truly recognize (and feel) the experiences, beliefs and behavior that get in the way of being able to aim for higher financial goals.

As a result of working with Danielle, not only have I stopped worrying about money completely(!), I have experienced a seemingly magical shift that has resulted in me realizing the path to buying a house and reducing my monthly expenses by a third without actually trying. I am not a believer in magic and miracles, but I am a believer in the results of the process she will offer you and I absolutely recommend her services.”

Helen Billson

Architecture Business Manager, USA

“When I hired Danielle, I was that happy, safe federal government employee with a pension plan. And ready to acknowledge that part of me dreaming to be an ambitious and successful business owner.

With Danielle’s help, I discovered that what I thought about money and rich people was keeping me small. Growing up I learned that debt is bad and associated my parents having their own business with the fact that we were not rich! I learned that I was actually richer than I thought, and I could be wealthier by using simple strategies. I now know the difference between debt and investment and discovered that I was sitting on over $100k I could invest.

One year later I bought a 5 unit apartment building for investment and started my online business. My target is to leave my well-paid, safe pension plan as soon as my business can sustain me and my family. And that is coming!

Now I know that there is enough wealth for everybody. When I create my own wealth, I don’t take it from another. I don’t have to wait for my paycheck to come in. I can go out there and create my own financial future. 

Thank you Danielle, for opening the gates so I can walk on this journey I secretly dreamed of!”

Sandra Gagnon

CEO, Sandra Partage, Canada

“I was really overwhelmed by my finances and had a lot of shame and guilt about being in debt. I was NEVER someone who was able to save money!

Danielle helped me uncover limiting money beliefs I was not aware of. I’m so much less stressed about money now. I have a conscious system for managing my finances and I know how to stay on track with my financial goals moving forward. I feel empowered and at ease when something pops up because I know what needs to be done, without the guilt and shame I used to feel.

I really see the long-term value in paying myself first every paycheck, and have found a balance between spending for pleasure and saving for my future. Both can feel good!

I have real clarity on what steps I need to take to pay off my debt gradually, without feeling guilty or beating myself up. I’ve already paid off 2 cards within 6 months of us working together and will have a loan soon to consolidate my debt with lower interest, saving me a ton of money!

I would have not known how to confidently go about this without your guidance and insight. Thank you for your warmth and compassion. You really gave me the space and encouragement I needed to let go of my guilt about my finances. Money can bring out the worst in us, but I felt totally safe and supported by you.”

Kathryn Freund

Career Coach & Recruiter - Advertising & Design, USA

“I didn’t even know that I was afraid of money. Danielle led me step by step to my unresolved wounds buried from my childhood, adolescence, and my current life. She helped me find the beliefs that were sabotaging my abundance, and opened my mind to accept that I can have money and shine as God commands! I don’t have a fear of money anymore. Thank you Danielle. I love being surrounded by women who are generating such an impact on the new world we are creating!”

Nathalie Jaramillo

The Dream Designer, Mexico

“Danielle is the real deal. She has the rare talent of effortlessly zoning into whatever block you wish to remove, and providing a roadmap for understanding and mastering opportunities for healing. Any time with her is highly valuable, as you cycle quickly to your breakthroughs. She is a formidable ally.”

Communications & Marketing Manager, Canada

“If I have not told you how much your financial coaching has helped me, now I will!

Although it’s been over a year since you coached me, I still find myself consistently becoming aware of my thoughts and words about money. So many of my money issues have their roots in belief systems and these systems are being uprooted in amazing, rapid ways.

With your debt coaching, we already paid off one credit card over $3k and are on our way to clearing the other card. We are vacationing abroad in a couple of days without touching our credit card. We closed all stagnant subscriptions to magazines, tv, gym, tutorials, and irrelevant services. Amazingly, instead of feeling squeezed tight, my husband and I feel empowered, on top of our game, and vibrant.”

Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome

Certified Life Coach and Angel Card Reader, USA

“I came to Danielle in debt, overwhelmed by money and stuck. She helped me transition from a seemingly impossible financial situation. My beliefs have shifted dramatically – now I’m gainfully employed in my field, optimistic about my future and excited about growing wealth. It is evident she cares deeply for the people she is helping. She has truly opened my eyes and mind to a new me and way of life. “

Jasmine E

Engineer, Canada

“Personally and professionally I was really frustrated with my financial situation. I had been working so hard to create the life I desired, not understanding the difference between building from ease and abundance rather than strife and scarcity.

Danielle helped me to get real clarity about what I was doing. What a revelation that was!! I finally understand the meaning of abundance and am able to align with it so profoundly and naturally.

What changed in my life was the realization that I could divorce my old narrative and be grounded in my vision which allowed me to start creating the future I truly desired.

I now have a new contract with myself and my soul. I feel I am the captain of my ship and am learning how to draw on the assistance of others to help me sail it.

Danielle’s approach really helped me to go deep within myself and ignite my self-love in new ways. I could be a better version of myself, even in my 50s, and especially, as a single woman. 

She’s a gift and I am proud to include her in my circle of go-to-people. She’s wise, intuitive, professional, and down to earth. But most of all, she is a marvel to work with. 

Patricia Lever

Personal Facilitator/Consultant, Canada

“Danielle is so much more than a financial coach.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to dive deep into the world of financial literacy and understand their own relationship to money. 

She helped me understand my emotional blocks (rooted from childhood and my upbringing) so I could develop a healthier relationship with money. 

Since working with her my perspective on money has really shifted. I’m now credit card debt-free, I’ve taken financial responsibility and ownership, and I’ve even saved a good portion of a down payment for my first home!

Thanks, Danielle! You were incredibly supportive and non-judgmental throughout the entire process. You’ve helped me immensely.”

Content Developer, Canada

“My entire relationship with money has transformed in ways I didn’t know were even possible.

Danielle helped me heal trauma and release limiting beliefs. So much was illuminated as I was then able to create the space and mindset for new beliefs and behaviors. She gave me tools to practice asking for what I wish for (and no ask is too big!), which taught me to trust in my abundance.

It feels like I’m gradually becoming more fluent in a language. At first the words seemed foreign (just ask for something and expect it!), and now I’m seeing the power of asking for something with full intention through experience. It’s a wonderful and humbling learning process, as I see what happens when I truly open up to life – and with it, I feel more of a responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. 

Danielle is warm, direct and highly effective. For anyone who wants to have a healthy and prosperous relationship with money and open up to receiving what’s already available to them, I highly recommend working with her.”


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