Overcoming Financial Trauma and Managing Your Emotions

In this enlightening conversation with Financial Empowerment Coach Danielle Alexandria, we’ll define financial trauma, understand what kinds of experiences cause it, recognize how it might show up in our relationship and behaviours with money, and discuss how we can heal and better manage our emotions. The interview finishes with advice on how to stay financially balanced during these days of COVID uncertainty. Listen now

Healing Money Trauma and Expanding Horizons

Tune into the Love and Dividends podcast for a very grounding conversation with Financial Empowerment Coach Danielle Alexandria. She takes us through how our attitudes towards money impact our ability to manifest money, ways to get to the root of your financial beliefs and how to use setbacks to fuel future gains while reminding us that abundance and greater wealth is always available to us if we look for it. Listen now

Ask The Expert

I’ve teamed up with Stnce, a platform that inspires women to confidently take ownership of their finances through open conversations. Check out my “Ask the Expert” column for tools and advice to help you improve your relationship with money.

Ways to Manage Your Financial Anxiety While Living Through COVID-19

I spoke to the Lowest Rates team to provide some guidance on how to handle anxiety during the pandemic. Read now

How Can You Live Debt Free?

I spoke with The Smart Investor to offer some strategies on how to eliminate debt and eventually live a debt-free life. Read now

The Personal Finance Show with Beau Humphreys

Psychology plays a huge role in finances and Danielle is here to help you break down whatever barriers are between you and financial success, whether those are limiting beliefs about money, emotional wounds, or developing the mindset of the wealthy. Listen now

18 Best Books to Learn About the Intricacies of Money

See my top recommendations (#17 & #18) in this Fupping article. Read now

Fiscally Spiritual with Danielle Alexandria

Artists, healers, and those on the personal transformation path, join Danielle Alexandria for an enlivening 2 hour podcast conversation all about money!

-How do I save money if I don’t have any?
-How can I become successful as an artist?
-How does investing work?
-Is frugality a good idea?
-What are money blocks really?
-The differences between poor and rich thinking.
-How do I manifest money? (Danielle’s answer is different to everyone else!)