Frequently Asked Questions

is this life coaching or financial education?

Both! I’m passionate about empowering you to create a financial relationship that supports the fullest expression of you. I believe a holistic approach is required. Some clients need more support overcoming emotional money blocks, while others are more interested in financial education. Many do both. It’s really up to you, and where you want to go. I have a variety of programs to help you, whether you are a total newbie or a money whiz!

How do sessions work?

60 minute online sessions take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Choose your favourite video platform like Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. I am located in Toronto, Canada (EST timezone) and offer a flexible schedule including 3 evenings per week and Saturdays to service your timezone.

Individual sessions include all of my prep work prior to our meetings, your custom follow up action items, and access to me for support in between sessions via text, email, or social media chat. Programs also include personalized reports and recommendations to save you money, where applicable.

Coaching is most successful when scheduled weekly, however you may wish to meet more or less frequently. For your convenience, you can book sessions online and up to two months in advance.

Are you a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner?

No I am not. Although I have passed the national securities exam which would give me the eligibility to provide licensed financial advice in a sales role (in Canada), my focus is on education, which is impartial, and international. In my experience, most people need to create a solid financial foundation before seeking licensed advice. My goal is to provide you with factual knowledge and show you how to align it with your integrity and values as a heart-centered person. I don’t sell any financial products. I teach you the truth about them so you can make informed, confident decisions.

What I provide is not considered ‘licensed advice’. That said, it’s important to understand what this term means. Legally, it implies the recommendation (selling) of financial products such as securities or insurance, and that requires individual licences. Since I do not sell any products, no licence is required. The advice industry is complicated. I recommend educating yourself so that you are informed.

When it comes to things like debt, credit, saving, or spending no licence is required to sell any product, and therefore it isn’t considered financial advice at all! It’s ‘financial education’. Investing is a little different. Advice means a financial professional recommends specific products for you to consider buying. I provide in depth explanations of how investing works, including review and analysis of different products, and instructions for you to easily select them yourself. This is considered financial education.

What kind of financial education do you teach?

I’d be happy to help you set up a doable plan that puts most of your financial life on autopilot. I can help you eliminate your debt, maximize your credit score, start automatic saving, make a budget that actually works, teach you about investing, create a set-it-and-forget it investment portfolio that drastically cuts your investment fees, review your work benefits to optimize contributions & plans, and help you make big financial decisions like buying a home, exiting your job, or deciding whether to invest or pay down debt.

For a full list of topics, check out my Work with me page.

Do you guarantee results or provide refunds?

We are all different, with unique experiences, motivations, desires and commitment levels. While I can’t guarantee your specific results, my goal is to provide you with an excellent service that is truly transformational and full of value.

Two of my programs (The Happy Wallet and The Pre-Financial Plan) are completely risk-free investments – if I don’t find you at least the program cost in saved money, I’ll refund your purchase. Please see program pages for details.

For individual coaching sessions, here is my policy: if you are not happy, I will try to resolve your concerns. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may cancel our partnership in writing with 7 days notice and I will refund any remaining paid sessions.

I'm already in debt and can't afford this!

All change in life starts with making the commitment to do something different. To shift stagnant energy, sometimes we need to jump first, and the parachute will appear. Although it feels scary, a spending decision to change your relationship with money is an investment in you and your future. 

After working with many clients who have turned their finances around, I’m confident that the ROI for your future will be many, many times more than your investment. I help my clients stop the patterns that caused the debt in the first place. They’re finally able to save, spend consciously, get out of debt, and invest for the future. They heal the emotional pain that their subconscious has associated with money so it no longer owns them. They are free to receive the abundance that is their birthright.

I’ve observed that almost everyone who moved forward felt a mixture of fear, resistance, and nervousness, but also excitement. It’s like the subconscious knows that serious change is coming and has a bit of a tantrum! This often means you are ready to make the leap. Ultimately, only you know what your inner voice is telling you. 

You might also qualify for my advocacy program. I reserve one private coaching space per month for a client who earns under $40,000 CAD annually. The cost is $100 for 3 coaching sessions and includes full support. Contact me to learn more about this initiative.

Ready to talk?


If you want to:

-go beyond the dollars and cents of money to identify and heal the true causes of your chronic financial problems

feel more in control of your money

-learn how to create good habits that support your future,

Let’s discuss your needs and goals in detail.


You can…

Develop the courage to face your finances head on.

Get out of debt and change your financial future.

Feel confident you are doing the right things with your money and your life.

Follow your soul’s guidance and do the thing that lights you up – without financial worry.