Beautiful woman, you are supposed to achieve your dreams. 


I believe that intuitively you also know this is only possible when you follow your heart. How can you do that when you live in fear? I know that agony well because for most of my life I feared I was too much – too emotional, too sensitive, too broken.

Although I grew up in a good family, I’ve always been highly attuned to energy, absorbing the emotions and needs of everyone around me, especially collective societal disharmony. By 9 I made the decision to consciously shut my heart as a way to defend myself against feeling so much pain and overwhelm. And so began the misery of being disconnected from my truth.

Because I was scared to be myself, I was drawn to male-dominated industries as a means of accessing power and protection. First professional sports, and then banking. My mask was in full force. I achieved a life on the outside that looked good – a 6 figure job, gorgeous apartment, designer clothes, and a hot boyfriend, yet there was a gaping hole inside. While I appreciate that those decisions enabled me to learn about money, I had drifted so far away from who I really was.

Trying to escape my pain, I threw myself into new age spirituality/law of attraction and was hooked for 2 years solid. It seemed like the holy grail to end all suffering. Little did I know how bypassed I was!

At 40 I had a powerful wake up call at a kundalini retreat in Bali. It was time to face my past and heal my trauma – under my delusional ‘positive vibes only’ was all my stuff that I had never dealt with. I needed to surrender my childhood defences against life. I had to learn how to be with all of the difficult emotions I had repressed – grief, anger, rage, shame, alienation, betrayal, heartbreak. I had to soften into vulnerability and develop healthy boundaries. I needed to learn how to create safety inside of my own body. I released a ton of baggage and began to feel my feminine essence and worth emerge from within. For the first time in 31 years…I felt like myself.

By no means am I all the way there, nor do I have all the answers.  This deep work of really being present with ALL of our emotions –  the heights of ecstasy, the intensity of rage, the messy despair – is the masterpiece of being human. It is unnatural to cut off any part of ourselves. In order to be empowered, we need to reclaim our repressed power, and we do this by cultivating the ability to let more and more of our true energy and aliveness flow. Eventually the mess gives way to a solid foundation of self-love, inner security, worth, and joy.

What does this have to do with money?


Leading up to my personal healing journey, I had been in the financial industry for over a decade. I always knew I wanted to help people and had been studying financial planning. But I had grown disillusioned with many practices and products in the industry which I felt were overly complicated, stuffy, unnecessary, and at times, unethical.

It also seemed that no one was addressing the emotional factors behind how people managed money, or teaching the foundational skills like debt management, budgeting, and saving. The wealth industry projects a materialistic image as the ideal for everyone, yet this is empty, wasteful, and disconnects people from one another. There is a big energetic difference between receiving money for doing something you hate vs. for something you love that pours out of you. The purpose of money is not to lead us to a promised land of insulated luxury – it’s to support us to thrive in our dreams, whatever those may be.

I had no answer for all of this at the time, so quit formal course study and continued learning and investing as a hobby.

After coming home to Toronto from Bali, everything clicked together. In order to be empowered, you have to be motivated to find the truth. You have to be willing to question the external status quo (including what wealth is and the principles of conventional financial education) and your internal beliefs and fears. What underpins both is worth. When you have strong self-worth, you love yourself AND you invite in ample financial resources, not by doing something against who you really are, but in alignment with your deepest, fullest self. This is the definition of abundance and of freedom.

THIS is the work that lights me up. 


My promise


I believe a good coach is versatile enough to support a variety of different clients. There isn’t one size that fits all.

My promise is to see the best in you, and to naturally relate to you in the way you feel completely seen, understood, and supported. All emotions are welcome (and encouraged) on your journey to healing. My practice is trauma-informed, meaning I’m trained to work with you in a way that is not re-traumatizing.

If you are best served by understanding money in a very grounded, practical way, no problem. If you like crunching numbers, we’ll have fun looking at the savings together! If you are spiritual, me too. I can help you bridge the material and spiritual planes. 

Credentials and Training

Life Coaching Certificate

Robbins-Madanes Training Center, Tony Robbins’ official coaching school (2016-2017).

Canadian Securities Course

Canada’s national licensing exam to sell securities and provide financial advice (2009).

12 year HR career in the Financial Industry

I worked in Canada and Australia from 2004-2016, first hiring financial professionals, then creating global recruiting programs for two of the world’s largest banks.

Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner 

Unhealed trauma is what blocks our ability to be our true selves, so safely releasing it is the key to happiness in life. (In progress through ATTCH, Canada).


5 things you didn’t know about me

I spent a day on a real Canadian Navy ship and shot a 50 calibre rifle (into the ocean) as part of HR diversity training. Yes it was scary, but I felt protected by our amazing men and women. I'm passionate about supporting these noble humans to re-integrate back into civilian life once they leave service. Please hire our veterans!

My heart is split between two countries at opposite ends of the earth: Canada and Australia. Although I'm a proud Canuck, I lived in Australia for 5 years. Shrimp on the barbie anyone?

I'm a hockey nut. My first job was with the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club. In my interview, my boss asked, "why do you want to work here?" I looked at him like Jennifer Grey first looked at Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. She said; "I carried the watermelon", and I said; "because it's the Leafs!!" Magically, my die-hard fandom worked!

I've interviewed over 10,000 job candidates in my HR banking career. Hiring stats if you're curious: 10%. My number one tip is to be clear on what lights you up, and pursue that with relentless passion.

If I didn't do what I do now, I would have wanted to become a professional dancer. The furthest I ever took it was auditioning and appearing on a Canadian TV show called Electric Circus in the 90's.

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