Women, money and emotions.

We all know we need to take better care of our money, but we put it off because traditional financial education feels restrictive, boring, and unrelatable. Or downright scary.

I believe we need to start in a different place: emotions. If you feel afraid, guilty or unworthy of having money it simply won’t be safe to learn financial strategies at this stage. This is especially true for women.

We need to address the underlying emotional patterns first because they’re protecting something – an old identity that no longer serves you.

This identity is based on beliefs that kept you safe in childhood, but now those very same beliefs block your dreams from becoming reality. Your attachment to them is what makes you say, I can’t have this, because I am that.

If the energy of money is freedom, power and security, we have to heal the parts inside that are the opposite. The wounded, scared child needs to mature into the sovereign adult creator that you truly are.

I experienced a lot of trauma growing up, starting with a birth that placed me in the ICU. As a child and adult, I was full of fear, shame, anxiety and buried anger. I reached the point where I needed to heal who I thought I was in order to become who I really am.

When we are finally ready to choose healing over suffering, we shift out of scarcity and into abundance.

As you release your old protective patterns, you will experience the direct link between increased worth, power and your ability to command more money.

My promise


I believe a good coach is versatile enough to support a variety of different clients. There isn’t one size that fits all. My promise is to see the best in you, and to naturally relate to you in the way you feel completely seen, understood, and supported. All emotions are welcome (and encouraged) on your journey to healing. As a trained Trauma Integration Practitioner, my practice is trauma-informed, meaning I work with you in a way that is not re-traumatizing.

If you are best served by understanding money in a very grounded, practical way, no problem. If you are spiritual, me too. I can help you bridge the material and spiritual planes.


Credentials and Training

Trauma Integration Practitioner Certificate

Unhealed trauma blocks our ability to be our true selves, so safely releasing it is the key to happiness in life (ATTCH, Canada, 2020).

Certificate in Life Coaching

I completed my 100 hour training with the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, Tony Robbins’ official coaching school (2016-2017).

Canadian Securities Course (CSC)

Canada’s national licensing exam to provide financial advice and sell securities in Canada (2009).

12 year HR career in the financial industry

I worked in Canada and Australia from 2004-2016 hiring financial professionals, then creating global recruiting programs for two of the world’s largest banks.

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