Everyone wants to save money. How about earning some while you’re at it?

If you live in Canada, you’ll be interested in the goodies below!

I want to share some of my favourite financial and non-financial products and services with you. I have used every one to smartly save AND earn money. Full transparency, these all contain referral links (I explain each one in their description) but rather than being one-sided, they all give YOU money!



When covid-19 hit, virtually all the banks dropped interest rates on their savings accounts.

As of today, to my knowledge, EQ bank is offering the highest rate at 1.5% (rates are subject to change). In comparison, most banks are offering a pretty dismal 0.05%!

If you haven’t heard of them, EQ bank is the online arm of Equitable Bank. The interface is really user-friendly and there are NO fees! They are 100% Canadian and insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) just like any other major bank so your money is safe.

Of note: EQ bank accounts are not full service as they are intended for online savings only. You’ll need to connect this product to your regular bank account to fund and withdraw your savings. Also, sadly, EQ bank does not service our friends in Quebec just yet.

Offer: sign up for a high interest savings plus account using my link and deposit at least $100 in the next 30 days, and you and I will each receive $20!

Link: https://join.eqbank.ca?code=DANIELLE9805



You can’t beat Wealthsimple for simplicity and engagement. They have really removed the intimidation and complexity normally associated with investing, making them great for beginners. Their platform is accessed on their mobile app, and it’s easy to set up your trading account in 5 minutes.

On top of this, they are Canada’s first $0 commission stock trading app. This is amazing, when you consider that most trading platforms charge anywhere from $6.95 – $10 PER trade. Buying and selling one holding costs this fee x 2. This benefit alone can save you a lot of money!

Offer: Sign up to become a new client, and deposit and trade at least $100, and you and I will both receive $10. Congrats, you just made 10% on your first deposit!

Disclaimer: Investing is risky. Ensure you understand what you are doing and feel comfortable trading. You assume all risks.

Link: https://my.wealthsimple.com/app/public/trade-referral-signup?code=FEZ12A


Clothing and home goods

Got an awesome wardrobe from back in the day that you don’t wear anymore? Posh it.

Want to snag a bargain on gently used and new clothing? Posh it!

Poshmark is an online platform to buy and sell clothing, shoes, handbags, beauty products and home items at great prices. The range is huge – everything from H&M to Chanel. You can also find many iconic Canadian brands like Lululemon, Danier, Aritzia, etc. Items are shipped to your home, making it a great way to shop safely.

I have found this site particularly useful to buy famously loved designs that are no longer being produced. I’ve also offloaded hundreds of dollars worth of previously loved items!

It’s totally free to join and transact on the site…you just pay a fee if you sell anything (like eBay).

Offer: Create your account and make your first purchase of at least $5, and you and I will both receive a $15 CAD credit.

Link: https://poshmark.ca

Where it says “invite code” enter: poshmark.ca/pocketofjoy88


Website hosting

There’s lots of choice when it comes to your hosting service.

I’ve tried a few, and really like GreenGeeks. Their prices are competitive, they’re environmentally friendly (hence the ‘green’ name), and the service has been really fast and reliable.

A massive plus is the fact that they have servers in Canada. This means your data is NOT sent to Uncle Sam. Did you know that if your hosting servers are located in the USA, your data MUST be sent to the US government? No thanks! Privacy is more important than ever.

As for their commitment to the environment, they are “Canada’s leading eco-friendly green web hosting provider putting back 3 times the power we consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy.”

MODIFIED Offer: GreenGeeks only incentivizes the affiliate and not the new customer, so I’m changing that! I will personally split the referral fee I receive with you so it’s 50/50. The fee works on an increasing sliding scale – the more people that sign up and purchase hosting plans, the higher the payout, ranging from $50-$100. If you decide to become a new client using my code please let me know so I can send you your half! (and yes, I’m happy to put this in writing.)

Link: https://www.greengeeks.com/track/dbojman