There’s an expression that goes something like this…

While everyone wants money, wealthy people desire freedom, while the poor man craves security.

This is a really important distinction to understand.

Let’s talk about financial security (insecurity).⁣

If you ask most people why they want money, they will say in order to have freedom.⁣

But what they really desire is to feel secure.⁣

On the surface, this seems reasonable, especially when life WILL throw curveballs at you. Shouldn’t we be prepared?

However, a desire for security is actually the human ego’s response to insecurity. It’s our attempt to try and control life because we fear pain. So our vibration comes from fear. And fear is the opposite of freedom.

If we continue along this vibration, even if we attain more money, we’ll create circumstances that cause us to feel insecure, continuing to chase something that can neither protect nor fulfill us…

When our ego is in charge of life, we need predictability. Security automatically appeals because it’s consistent, safe and certain. It’s also unnatural and unfulfilling.⁣

It’s the ultimate paradox; human life is temporary, unpredictable and will end. But the divine is eternal and cannot be harmed. This is the true and only security.

No amount of money or anything outside of you can provide security because material life does not work this way.⁣

True security is something you find deep within. It’s an inside job. When you are connected to all that is, you no longer need security because you ARE abundance. It never was outside of you. ⁣

When you are aligned with abundance, creating and receiving money becomes easy.

⁣You no longer try to use your mind to figure out how it’s going to come to you. You do not rely on struggle and sheer will to make it happen. You trust the Universe to flow what you need to you, when you need it, and you let it determine the myriad of beautiful ways of delivery.

If you can live in this symbiosis, your life will become rich beyond belief – emotionally and materially. There is no need to spend your life preparing for what might go wrong in the future. Instead you can be present, feel deeply taken care of, and receive what you need, when you need it. Even if something ‘negative’ happens, you accept this is part of life and the solution will come to you. You stop railing against what you don’t want.

Now you are vibrating freedom. It is wild, expansive and deeply satisfying, but comes with no guarantees. It is our true nature. ⁣

What about wealthy people who need a lot of control and security (insecurity?) They have beliefs that allow them to create a lot of money, but since they are vibrating from fear and scarcity, their life will lack fulfilment on the inside. You will know them by how their energy feels.

If money feels hard to you, this is just an indication that you are not aligned with truth, that’s all! It’s not that you are unworthy or being punished or any other reason. Rather than focussing on manifesting money as the next step, I encourage you to do the inner healing work to align with true freedom first.

Then money (and freedom and true security) are a match.

The rewards are worth it.