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Heal Your Money Blocks

Break your deepest blocks and fears, no matter how stuck you feel. I’ll help you see and feel your worth and power in a whole new light.

Financial Education

All the stuff they should have taught in school. Easy to understand, empowering, and automated so you can focus on what matters to you.


Hi, I’m Danielle.

Your Financial Empowerment Coach.


I’m a financial educator, coach, writer, and speaker. Prior to merging my passions together, I worked in the financial industry for 12 years.

More than the numbers, it wasn’t until I started healing my own trauma that I understood just how deep money goes. Far too many of us feel stuck going after our dreams because of our emotional struggle with finances.

Beyond financial trauma, I know there’s a powerful woman inside of you ready to live her truth. I’ll help you take the reigns of your life with money as an ally that supports you to do the thing that lights you up.

As seen and heard in:

“The cost of Danielle’s sessions has already paid for itself over and over again from money saved and money earned. Don’t think of it as an expense, but an investment. I’m on track to save a healthy 6 figures from fees alone by the time I retire.”

Ian Busher

Real Estate Salesperson, Canada

“Within 2 months, I had 2 new sources of income, and I’m now saving over $1000 a month, which I’ve never done in my life! Danielle’s sessions are seriously worth their weight in gold. She has helped clear my negative beliefs about money. I love this lady and could not recommend her more highly.”

Andrea Ross

Founder of Pure Alleviation, Actress, Singer, Australia

If you are ready to go deep, you are in for an extraordinary and unforgettable journey with someone who has a real talent, heart-led passion, and deep intuition for addressing and resolving blocks to wealth. No matter how much money you do or don’t have, I can guarantee that Danielle can help you improve your financial situation.”

Tiga-Rose Nercessian

Embodiment Coach and Emergent Human Design Specialist, France

“If I have not told you how much your financial coaching has helped me, now I will! With your debt coaching, we already paid off one credit card over $3k, are on our way to clearing the other card, and we’re vacationing abroad in a couple of days without touching credit.”

Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome

Certified Life Coach and Angel Card Reader, USA

“I was really overwhelmed by finances and had a lot of shame and guilt about being in debt. I was NEVER someone who was able to save money! I’m so much less stressed about money now. I have a conscious system for managing my finances and I know how to stay on track with my goals. I’ve paid off 2 cards in 6 months!

Money can bring out the worst in us, but I felt totally safe and supported by you.”

Kathryn Freund

Career Coach & Recruiter - Advertising & Design, USA

“I didn’t even know that I was afraid of money. Danielle helped me find the beliefs that were sabotaging my abundance, and opened my mind to accept that I can have money and shine as God commands! I don’t have a fear of money anymore.”

Nathalie Jaramillo

The Dream Designer, Mexico

I came to Danielle in debt, overwhelmed by money and stuck. She helped me transition from a seemingly impossible financial situation. My beliefs have shifted dramatically. She has truly opened my eyes and mind to a new me and way of life. “

Jasmine E

Engineer, Canada

“You were made to enlighten people about money and wealth!”

John W

Entrepreneur, Artist and Author, USA

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