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When you hear the word finance, do you cringe, feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable?


Have you internalized the thought that not caring about money means you are a good person?


Do you find yourself undercharging when you know deep down inside you need to raise your rates?


Are you tired of watching your bank account drain and credit card balances rise, all the while wondering how you're going to get on track?


Every time you go after your dreams, do you hit a barrier you can feel...but you can't figure out what to do about it?

Can I show you how money can work for you instead of letting it control you?

I can help you…

Understand the root causes of your issues with money so you can stop the negative patterns forever.

In a matter of hours, I can teach you how money works so you can confidently manage it yourself - saving, spending, debt, and investing.

Set up an automated system with common sense steps to organize your finances, kill debt, and build wealth on auto-pilot.

Find the courage to value yourself and your creative talent, so you can finally go after your dreams.

Explain financial verbiage that feels foreign and confusing in a thoughtful and nonthreatening way.

End the money shame, guilt, and repression.

Give yourself permission to stop judging yourself for what you didn't know.

Put an end to feeling clueless and stuck, like you are the only one who doesn't get it. (You're not!)

Hi, I’m Danielle.

Your Financial Empowerment Coach.


I’m a financial educator, trained life coach, and trauma practitioner. Before merging my passions together, I spent 12 years working in the financial industry.

I have a soft spot in my heart for women, money and emotions. I see so many women delay going after their dreams because of their struggle with finances.

We all know we need to take better care of our money, but we put it off because traditional financial education feels restrictive, boring, and unrelatable. Or downright scary.

Well I’m here to tell you that there have been very good reasons for that, and…

You can change it now!

I help clients release lifelong emotional money blocks and teach easy to understand, honest financial education. I believe in working with the root of the issue, whether that’s trauma or misinformation.

I’ll help you take full ownership of your financial situation instead of feeling powerless over it.

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How can I help you?

Heal Your Money Blocks

Break your deepest blocks and fears, no matter how stuck you feel. I’ll help you see and feel your worth and power in a whole new light.


Financial Education

All the stuff they should have taught in school. Easy to understand, empowering, and automated so you can focus on what matters to you. 

“When I met Danielle my relationship with money was already good – my financial situation was stable and comfortable. My request was to find ways to make it better. She became the cruise director on a call to action to take charge of everything. 

Danielle helped me put my income, expenses, spending, and investing under a microscope to find places where I was losing, wasting, or spending money unwisely. After some fine-tuning I was able to save a good chunk of money every month (4 figures) that was on a cycle of repetitive payment without end. We made changes to my investments, getting rid of risky, pricey mutual funds in place of low cost exchange traded funds. I’m on track to save a healthy 6 figures from fees alone by the time I retire.

Danielle’s strength is her ability to take in the big picture and break down the how step by step, so you keep more of your money and use it wisely. She also understands that for some people this is a taboo subject covered in shame and ego. She won’t ever make you feel foolish for the situation you may have found yourself in. She will empower you with insight, knowledge, and confidence if you let her in and allow her to look under the hood.

The cost of Danielle’s sessions has already paid for itself over and over again from money saved and money earned. Don’t think of it as an expense, but an investment.”

Ian Busher

Real estate salesperson, Canada

“Within 2 months, I had 2 new sources of income, and I’m now saving over $1000 a month, which I’ve never done in my life! Danielle’s sessions are seriously worth their weight in gold. She has helped clear my negative beliefs about money. Danielle is not only one of the brightest shining lights out there, she is extremely professional, diligent, and supportive. I love this lady and could not recommend her more highly.”

Andrea Ross

Founder of Pure Alleviation, actress, singer, Australia

“I came to Danielle in debt, overwhelmed by money and stuck. She helped me transition from a seemingly impossible financial situation. My beliefs have shifted dramatically – now I’m gainfully employed in my field, optimistic about my future and excited about growing wealth. It is evident she cares deeply for the people she is helping. She has truly opened my eyes and mind to a new me and way of life. “

Jasmine E

Engineer, Canada

“You were made to enlighten people about money and wealth!”

John W

Entrepreneur, artist and author, USA

“I was really overwhelmed by my finances and had a lot of shame and guilt about being in debt. I was NEVER someone who was able to save money!

Danielle helped me uncover limiting money beliefs I was not aware of. I’m so much less stressed about money now. I have a conscious system for managing my finances and I know how to stay on track with my financial goals moving forward. I feel empowered and at ease when something pops up because I know what needs to be done, without the guilt and shame I used to feel.

I really see the long-term value in paying myself first every paycheck, and have found a balance between spending for pleasure and saving for my future. Both can feel good!

I have real clarity on what steps I need to take to pay off my debt gradually, without feeling guilty or beating myself up. I’ve already paid off 2 cards within 6 months of us working together and will have a loan soon to consolidate my debt with lower interest, saving me a ton of money!

I would have not known how to confidently go about this without your guidance and insight. Thank you for your warmth and compassion. You really gave me the space and encouragement I needed to let go of my guilt about my finances. Money can bring out the worst in us, but I felt totally safe and supported by you.”

Kathryn Freund

Career Coach & Recruiter - Advertising & Design, USA

“I didn’t even know that I was afraid of money. Danielle led me step by step to my unresolved wounds buried from my childhood, adolescence, and my current life. She helped me find the beliefs that were sabotaging my abundance, and opened my mind to accept that I can have money and shine as God commands! I don’t have a fear of money anymore. Thank you Danielle. I love being surrounded by women who are generating such an impact on the new world we are creating!”

Nathalie Jaramillo

The Dream Designer, Mexico

“Danielle is the real deal. She has the rare talent of effortlessly zoning into whatever block you wish to remove, and providing a roadmap for understanding and mastering opportunities for healing. Any time with her is highly valuable, as you cycle quickly to your breakthroughs. She is a formidable ally.”

Communications & Marketing Manager, Canada

“If I have not told you how much your financial coaching has helped me, now I will!

Although it’s been over a year since you coached me, I still find myself consistently becoming aware of my thoughts and words about money. So many of my money issues have their roots in belief systems and these systems are being uprooted in amazing, rapid ways.

With your debt coaching, we already paid off one credit card over $3k and are on our way to clearing the other card. We are vacationing abroad in a couple of days without touching our credit card. We closed all stagnant subscriptions to magazines, tv, gym, tutorials, and irrelevant services. Amazingly, instead of feeling squeezed tight, my husband and I feel empowered, on top of our game, and vibrant.”

Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome

Certified life coach and angel card reader, USA

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