Is this life coaching or financial education?

Both. I didn’t see any experts servicing the holistic money needs of a person, so this is my solution to change that. I am interested in helping people remove any negative patterns towards money. I want to empower you to set yourself up financially for life by learning the truth about how to create wealth. Some clients need more assistance on the mindset, and others are more interested in financial education. Many do both. It’s really up to you, and where you want to go.

What is the cost?

I price my work at a rate that is respectful of my time, talents, knowledge, and training, yet is also available to help those who need it. The fee includes all preparation I undertake prior to our sessions to give you a customized and effective service on our calls. It also includes a detailed analysis of your current financial situation with recommendations for optimizing fees, accounts, contributions, and job benefits. Lastly, it includes access to me personally for unlimited support. Sessions are $250 CAD. Flexible payment arrangements are available. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

I do not offer a guarantee since so much of the results will be determined by your personal readiness for change and commitment to completing the homework, which I tailor to you. I am very confident that I offer far more value than the price, and that financially, your results will greatly exceed the monetary investment you are making. In fact, many clients have found their spending has decreased by more than the session costs within the first month alone, not including additional income streams, improved cash flow, and increased happiness! Longer term, learning the truth about money can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your financial lifetime. 

What is your customer service policy?

My goal is to provide you with an excellent service that is truly transformational. However, if you are not happy, I will try to resolve your concerns. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may cancel our partnership in writing with 7 days notice and I will refund any remaining paid sessions. 

How do sessions work? How many do I need?

Sessions are 60 minute live video calls held online in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Choose your favourite video-capable platform like Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Life coaching is optimal when practiced weekly to leverage momentum and keep your success rate high. I generally recommend clients begin by booking one month to see how they like it. I don’t really offer packages because each person is different, and I’m not interested in locking you into a long partnership if that isn’t what you need.

First we would do a 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together. I want to ensure I feel I can help you, and that you are excited that I am the right person for you. We discuss your current situation, challenges, and goals, and whether you’re more interested in the belief/coaching side, or financial education, or both.

What kind of support do you provide?

I am committed to your success. This means I will compassionately hold you accountable to your long term growth by challenging you to continually move outside of your comfort zone. I care about every one of my clients, and am available to support you via email or online chat between sessions as needed at no extra charge. 

I live in another country. Can we still work together? 

Great! I love working with people from different countries. I’ve helped clients in Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, South America, and Australia. All of my work is done online, so it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are comfortable with sessions in English. I am located in Toronto, Canada (EST timezone) and offer a flexible schedule including 3 evenings per week and Saturdays to service your timezone. You can book your consultation and sessions here.

What kind of coaching techniques do you use?

I completed my life coaching training with the Tony Robbins life coaching school (Robbins Madanes Training). This style of life coaching is called Strategic Intervention, which focuses on addressing the underlying emotional needs that are creating undesirable patterns. I do not focus on NLP or other positive thinking mind-based techniques. Personally, I approach the topic of money in an energetic, holistic way, and I am strongly guided by my intuition when servicing you. I see myself as a guide to help you uncover the answers within your deeper self, which always knows the best course of action for you.

I am very interested in healing the root causes and they are often stored in the subconscious until you are ready to face them. I have both personally experienced, and witnessed in my clients, that being willing to feel the repressed emotions associated with the limiting beliefs is the KEY to healing and deep transformation. Once felt and understood, that blocked energy can be released permanently and your outside world naturally changes. 

Is this financial advice? If not, what’s the difference?

No it is not. It is education. Education is considered more general, hence it does not require a licence. However, the term ‘financial advice’ can be misleading. Technically it means a professional has studied a government-approved course to receive a licence which permits them to recommend certain categories of financial products and services. Generally, different licences are required for each category such as mutual funds, stocks, insurance, etc.

While standards are a good thing, it isn’t the whole picture. Many financial jobs are specialist, meaning, their job does not require them to understand your entire financial situation to make recommendations. Secondly, this person often faces a conflict of interest because they are required to sell you products and services that earn them compensation. 

This also brings up the concept of fiduciary, which is a legal requirement that a professional puts your best interests above their own. Many people who are financially licenced do NOT have a fiduciary requirement. It is set by the  government, and even for the same position varies country to country. Typically a fiduciary is only required at the level of a financial planner or wealth manager, or high net worth/senior positions, and these professionals aren’t available to the vast majority of people due to the minimum investable assets required to work with them. 

While a life coach is not a legal fiduciary, I am motivated by truth, and your best interests are at the heart of my practice. I created my business to empower people with this knowledge, regardless of current net worth. My approach is to make what you need to know easy to understand, and show you how to align it with your integrity and values as a heart-centred person. I don’t sell any financial products, or tell you what to buy. I teach you the truth about them so you can learn how to make the best decisions for yourself. 

What kind of financial topics do you cover?

  • Credit. Credit cards, lines of credit, how to increase your credit score, types of mortgages, other loans, how to become a private lender
  • Budgeting. Create a conscious spending plan that will save you money automatically and greatly improve your cash flow
  • Debt management. Which strategies should you use for your situation? What are the differences between good and bad debt?
  • Investing. Learn the difference between stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (etfs), and what is best for you. What is asset allocation, rebalancing, dollar cost averaging? How does compounding/the rule of 72 work? 
  • Where should you put your money? How to maximize your returns by understanding the advantages of different account types. For example, in Canada the RRSP vs TFSA, RESP, Home Buyers Plan, etc.
  • The importance of risk management
  • Cryptocurrencies. Should you jump on the bandwagon?
  • Understanding options in real estate including; straight rental, flipping, land flipping, REITs, rent-to-own, joint ventures, condos vs. houses
  • Assets. How to find, evaluate, and acquire good cash-producing assets so you can replace your job income i.e real estate, royalties, investments, business ownership, etc. 
  • Passive Income. A comprehensive review of the many different ways to earn passive income, ranked by effort, cost, and effectiveness
  • Helping you to decide if you are making the right financial decision by evaluating the net return (example: buying a house vs paying down debt vs. investing the same funds) 
  • When to work with a financial professional, and what questions to ask them

What kind of changes can I realistically expect to see?

This is truly up to you! Here are some of my clients’ results:

-One client, who was unemployed for 5 months and on the verge of bankruptcy, landed her dream job after 2 sessions. I am not claiming I was responsible for that, because she was READY. Ready people are who I serve best.

-Another client didn’t realize she had created an identity of ‘poor’ for her entire life. She felt she had all areas of her life sorted except for money, and that somehow it was different to everything else. After one month of deep belief work, she transformed herself and is now teaching others how to create abundance, while the money rolls in! 

-Another client was able to cut her monthly expenses by $1000 and create 2 new sources of income within a few weeks of working together. She has continued to maintain this over time and is getting ready to invest!

These are only a few examples. If you’d like to see what is possible for you, let’s connect to discuss your needs. You can book your consultation here.