about me

So what exactly is a Financial Abundance Coach?

Good question! I’m glad you asked.

In a lightning bolt moment of inspiration, the term came to me. I think it perfectly describes my three loves in life:


My insatiable passion to create a life of financial freedom by learning and implementing the right financial education and wealth building strategies


The journey to ultimate freedom and happiness is about much more than just money. It’s a willingness to see and then let go of all that stands in the way to deep fulfilment, self-love, and prosperity


My innate desire to help thousands of people lead themselves to profound healing and change


But what about qualifications and credentials?

If you’re going to do anything, I believe in doing it right.

So why not become trained in the methods of the world’s personal development guru himself? Pursuing my life coaching certification with Tony Robbins’ official life coaching school (Robbins Madanes Training) has been an incredibly life-changing experience. It has taken me to the very core of what is required for human transformation, both in myself, and others.

Before I became a professional coach, I worked in the Financial Services industry for 12 years. While I wasn’t a banker, I interviewed thousands and hired hundreds of them. I developed a strong interest in investing and so decided to become a financial planner. First stop, taking the national securities licensing certification. But once I began the wealth management course, I grew increasingly disillusioned with the industry.

Let me tell you why. What people often don’t know (but intuitively feel) is that their best interests are simply not in the hearts of their bankers. This is because they are in their wallets instead; most advisors put food on the table by selling you fancy, expensive financial products that you don’t really need (and that won’t make you rich). Now of course this is not everyone. There are great men and women who truly serve their clients and I mean no disrespect. But they are the rarity because they operate inside of an incentivized system that necessitates increasing profits.

As a human being who cares deeply about equality, healing, and ending human suffering, I could not proceed with this as a career. I also didn’t see how conventional financial plans would lead the average person to become independently wealthy. You might be comfortable at best. I wanted to learn how the self-made millionaires did it. So in 2014 I walked away from official course study, and continued my educational journey personally.

In 2016, all of the pieces slid into place. I exited the corporate world, set up my own long term wealth creation system, and opened my global practice. I am truly blessed to work with amazing, bright people from all walks of life, all over the world – North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

And what about the results? Here’s what clients have experienced:

  • They are clearing deep, life-long money blocks completely within a matter of weeks
  • They have a long term system in place that will assure them financial freedom, no matter how their jobs or desires evolve over their lifetime
  • Money no longer owns them; their identity has changed dramatically to that of confident, successful, and wealthy
  • They are excited about their futures and steadily moving towards their BIG dreams
  • They’ve eliminated wasteful spending habits and are saving hundreds and thousands a month
  • They have greatly reduced the level of financial stress in their relationships and lives
  • Their sense of self-worth, joy, empowerment, and freedom has returned

I want you to know that you can do this too. I know money can be a very intimidating and scary subject, and the financial world is confusing at best. Let me help you navigate it and create a new, healthy, wealthier relationship with your financial self. Whether you feel like you’ve got a lot of money blocks, or are further along in your wealth journey, you can achieve your biggest life vision with the right guidance, knowledge, and support.

I offer a FREE, no-obligation 30 minute consultation to help you gain clarity on how we can work together to create the life of your dreams.

“Danielle is the real deal. She has the rare talent of effortlessly zoning into whatever block you wish to remove, and providing a roadmap for understanding and mastering opportunities for healing. Any time with her is highly valuable, as you cycle quickly to your breakthroughs. She is a formidable ally. So grateful for her help!”

Communications and Marketing Manager, Canada